December 17, 2018

2018 International Innovation and Invention Competition (IIIC) Taipei

The official award ceremony of the 9th edition of the International Innovation and Invention Competition (IIIC) 2018 was held in Taipei, Taiwan on November 08th, 2018.

This competition is organized annually by the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society (CIIS) with the support from the International Exhibition of Inventions of Moscow "Archimedes" / "InnovExpo" (Russian Federation) under the patronage of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA).

This year, more than 380 outstanding inventions from 13 countries participated in this contest: Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Croatia , Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Canada.

IFIA representative Mr Majid EL BOUAZZAOUI gave a speech to remind the importance of inventions in our world, to congratulate the winners and to thank the organizers. He also participated in the official award ceremony as IIIC awards presenter.

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