January 31, 2016

Delegates from Taiwan performed brilliantly in the Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition

Authorized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society sponsored the Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, and led elite teams of Taiwan delegates to participate in the exhibition. Garnering a total of 39 gold, 25 silver, 2 bronze, 12 special awards and overall team ranking first place, victory was declared, bringing 2015 to a perfect close with the bounty.

In its eleventh year, Inno Design Tech Expo sponsored by the HKTDC has brought together the most number of exhibitors ever. Global creativity, new inventions, practical technology, a variety of commercial designs and services were showcased in this platform, helping enterprises enhance their competitiveness through creativity and technology and broadening their business opportunities.  

Last year(2014), hoping to bring Taiwan's excellent innovation, invention and competition experience into Hong Kong, the HKTDC authorized for the first time Chinese Innovation and Invention Society to organize the Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, This year's exhibition was richly diverse and attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)director general, Francis Gurry both attended the event.

Mr. Alireza Rastegar Abbasalizadeh, the chair of International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) attended the event to express the importance of this competition. Hong Kong has established itself internationally in the very important lifeline of innovative invention and trade, and the industrial and academic teams from Taiwan have much to learn from Hong Kong

According to Taiwan's chief delegate, Secretary-General of Chinese Innovation and Invention Society Wu Chih-yao, among the entries from 13 countries in this Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, Taiwan won a total of 39 gold and 12 special awards. Taiwan's performance is improving over the years, winning overall team ranking first place for two consecutive years.

Wu Kou-Chen, Chairman of the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society also indicates that in competing against Russia, Japan, Ukraine and Poland in 2015 and in the Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition in December, Taiwan has performed brilliantly. He notes that with the accumulation of time and energy invested into the invention, Taiwan's  entries have matured and have gained potential for mass production.

At the exhibition, the Taiwan delegates attracted the attention of international business representatives. Unlimited business opportunities were available, and few returned empty -handed. Among the teams, the teachers and students from technological colleges demonstrated powerful skills and increasing teamwork. When reviewed by the judges and interviewed by guests, they spoke confidently and fully explained the features and precision of their entries. The Taiwan delegates have shown the world their diligence and considerable achievements through their creative inventions.

Successful 2015 International Inventor Prize (IIP) Awards Ceremony

Known as the Nobel Prize of Innovative Invention, this most internationally prominent 2015 Eleventh International Inventor Prize(IIP) grand award ceremony was successfully held at the 2F International Conference Hall at the Taipei Ambassador Hotel on December 14.
Established in 2005 by the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society and Taiwan International Invention Award Winners Association, the ceremony is to recognize international elite innovative inventions. Wu Kuo-Chen, Chairman of Chinese Innovation and Invention Society presided over the grand event of international innovation and invention. Vice-President Wu Den-yih was invited to present the awards, address guests from around the world, and deliver encouragement.
Noted domestic and foreign guests gathered at this event, including President Onipko Oleksii, Publishing Director Onipko Andriy and Secretary-General Yesypenko Alla from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, President Guy Langvardt from the U.S. IAU, Chief Director Moonsuk Chang from the Canadian Invention Society in Toronto, Chief Director Soung-Mo Hong from the Asia Invention Association, the Director of Macao Innovation and Invention Association, and inventors from Indonesia, Hong Kong and other countries. Together with Taiwan inventors and academic elites, hundreds of guests were gathered under one roof, and executives from Hon Hai Group led the teams in the events of the grand ceremony.
In his opening speech, Chief Director Wu Kuo-Chen indicated that the purpose of the International Inventor Prize (IIP) is to recognize outstanding international inventors who have contributed greatly to advances in technology and civilization. In particular, the diligence of Taiwan inventors in their innovative research and commitment to promote academics and integrate with the world have become Taiwan's most important competitive strength and stamina in the international market.
The review panel this year comprised experts and scholars, and a total 5 winners for the
International Invention Hall of Fame, 6 winners for the Lifetime Achievement Academic Award for Outstanding International Achievement, 9 winners for the Pride of the Nation Invention Award for Outstanding International Achievement, 19 winners for the Pride of the Nation Academic Award for Outstanding International Achievement, and 11 winners for the Erudite Inventor for Outstanding International Achievement were selected, and 5 International Fellows were approved.
In addition, various awards for the 2015 Sixth IIIC International Innovation and Invention Competition were also presented during the ceremony. Beginning this year, Russia's International Invention Society became the co-sponsor, and the competition was also included as an activity in the Innovation and IP Week organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This year, 473 entries were submitted by 15 countries (Taiwan, Russia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Poland). It is one of the largest international innovation and invention competition over the years, and fully demonstrates the increasingly outstanding innovation and vitality of Taiwan's industry and academia.