January 17, 2017

2017 CIIS working calendar

CIIS President's words

2017-- A New Generation of Taiwan 's Value and Spirit

2016 was a year of dramatic changes. Many major events have occurred around the world, and whether in international incidents, politics, finance or climate, many seemingly impossible events happened against the odds and re-made history that astonished the public. The black swan effect continues to churn, causing Taiwan to confront major challenges both internally and externally.

Dickens wrote, "This is the best of times — and the worst of times. " For those of us in the present, "This is the worst of times--and the best of times. "

The Chinese Innovation and Invention Society had a full itinerary in 2016 in bringing Taiwan to global exhibitions. We felt the changes in the global market changes, and also saw the opportunities and market demand brought about by the changes.

Taiwan is made up of 95% small and medium enterprises that rely on export. With limited resources in the face of rising great powers, rapid economic development of emerging countries and frequent market reshuffling, what course should Taiwan adopt?

Through Taiwan's delegations to major international invention competitions in recent years,

we observed a new generation of Taiwan's value and spirit gradually forming and rising.

In the past, Taiwan had made its way into the world with nothing but a single suitcase. Now Taiwan has replaced that suitcase with brain power, and is using creativity to develop new market applications. At the same time, with its solid industrial experience, Taiwan has achieved soft and hard transformation by continuing to improve its products and provide new services. 

The new generation of small and medium enterprises, micro-enterprises or individuals have persisted in excellent quality and service even in the face of competition for low price. With this fundamental foundation, we believe that Taiwan can remain fiercely competitive in a treacherous environment.

Taiwan is a very creative place with an inspiring pragmatic and industrious spirit that shines even through darkness. This is the spirit of the new generation of Taiwan, and looking back at past turmoil, market ebbs and fermentation, it is what makes Taiwan valuable.
The Chinese Innovation and Invention Society has always encouraged innovation and invention. From bringing Taiwan delegates to participate in major international inventions to facilitating the matching of patent and innovative inventions, the Society provides Taiwan's academic and industrial communities with step by step opportunities to participate in official international stage. The Society has also received encouraging feedback from the academic and industrial communities, which motivates us to better our services and develop more sophisticated platforms for identifying business patents and channeling Taiwan's academic and industrial communities into exhibitions and competition for invoices.
In 2017, the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society will continue to insist on Taiwan 's quality and services. The Society will expand its services and further internationalization to provide Taiwan's academic and industrial communities with a fertile ground for innovation and invention so that Taiwan's innovation and invention will continue to develop.